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What will you take away?

  • Deeper breathing

  • Improved breathing exercises

  • Stronger effects with less effort

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Hey, I'm Michael.

I spent years learning the best methods for deeper breathing from buddhist monks, icedivers, yoga teachers, freedivers and even an opera singer.

And most importantly:

I practiced a lot.

I have been teaching how to breathe deeper to thousands of people for the last four years.

And now, finally, I'm exited to share the most effective methods for deepening the breath in this online course.


"Before the course I was only using 60 % of my lungs. Now i go deeply, deeply inside."

Sascha Schmid, Breathwork Practicioner, Germany

Become a Breathwork Pro

Improve every aspect of your breath.

  • Use the full lungs with each breath

  • Breathe strongly & smoothly at the same time

  • Breathe with deep focus & body awareness

Breathwork Preperation: How to set powerful Intentions (11:50)

Make it full: How to use the full lungs (15:30)

Make it smooth: How to breathe relaxed (09:00)

Let gravity support your breath (08:25)

Yin & Yan breathing (08:40)

Smooth transitions between in and outbreaths (15:00)

Deep focus: How to keep the magic of breathwork alive (07:50)

Lung stretching and nose breathing (10:40)

Arm breathing: How to support your breath with the arms. (06:40)

Integrate all elements: Breathing session (20:00)

How to continue 1: Habit building (07:20)

How to continue 2: Additional practices (2:30)

Bonus: Strategies for stronger motivation and habit building (PDF)


"You will learn a lot here!"

Michelle Riordan, Founder of the Cliffs of Mohor Retreat Center, Ireland.

Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork Teacher with 15 years experience


that breathwork magic!"

Robert Freemantle, Breathwork practicioner, UK